The Paramount Marauder

In today’s society there are people in the world who live in a manner that you, or I may not be used to. They may have millions of dollars to their disposal, and have to constantly look over their shoulders wondering where


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The Paramount Marauder Rugged but Luxurious Survival Vehicle(and by Luxurious we mean self indulgent, not comfortable)



If your bank account allows for breathing the rareified air of those protected by this half million dollar beast, you’ll be making a smart choice in personal security.

maruder is baddass

The Marauder is basically an alternate version of Paramount’s military vehicles. It also happens to be four times the weight of a Hummer H2.


The Last Of Us: Remastered (PS4) Review

The Of Us: (PS4)
In the definition of &;boxset gaming&39;, TLOU:R brings to life the feeling that you&39;re playing through an epic journey as you guide two survivors through a post-apocalyptic scenario on a psychologically draining yet satisfying path. The storytelling is so …

THE LAST SHIP co-creator Steven Kane survives the apocalypse
And ultimately, they react the way that would make us all look up to them and say, “Gosh, if there&39;s anyone alive helping the world in the apocalypse, it&39;s the men and women of the U.S. Navy.” AX: Did you and TNT … He can sort of be our tour guide …
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This Weekend in the App Store — the best free apps, new apps and app updates

in the App — the , new apps and app
Lonely Planet [OS X; Now free, down from $ 0.99] Lonely Planet sets you off in a immersive zombie apocalypse where you are the last man alive and your only intentions are to survive. … They agreed! I&;ll keep an eye out for a new rescue vehicle. Last …

&39;World War Z 2&39; Release Date, Plot & Trailer: 5 Facts About Zombie Sequel
Here&39;s what we know about the zombie apocalypse sequel. … "The duo punched up the original &39;Z&39; script, and – if reports are accurate – concocted the new, suspenseful ending that saw Pitt&39;s character maneuver through a zombie-infested W.H.O. Building …
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Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2014 interview: Kim Noble discusses performance
Kim Noble&39;s talked about his own suicidal impulses on stage before – this year, he turns his attention to the mental health of the activist known as &39;the vacuum cleaner&39;. Kaite Welsh caught up with him. An audience member tried to have him …
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Planet of the Apes: A Timeline and an Explanation
Luckily for Zira and Cornelius, there is a way out of nuclear apocalypse: Use the Icarus to travel back in time to 1973! And that&39;s just what they …. Despite the fact that it&39;s been rebooted and retconned countless times, this tale of humanity&39;s …
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Lastest Zombie Survival Gear News

Iconic Video Game Series Reimagined As Anime Girls
Bio&;s name comes from the Japanese title of the horror series — i.e., ” Biohazard.” You&39;ve gotta love the little chewing on her shoulder and the little red and white umbrella it carries around. … Her name is Lid, as in Metal
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The Story Behind Unturned, One Of Steam&39;s Newest Top Games
Rather than focusing on being an MMO it provides players with easy systems to sit down and survive the zombie infestation with their friends. Over the course of a typical adventure, groups will have a blast fortifying locations, scavenging for supplies …
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Review: Well-told &39;Aftermath&39; unfolds as yet another apocalypse
… survive amid limited supplies, physical deterioration and emotional fraying. As apocalyptic tales go, it&39;s not the most brutal or gruesome. But hope doesn&39;t exactly spring eternal. Meanwhile, outside the farmhouse lurks a bunch of irradiated zombie …
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Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide-Episode 1(Types of Zombies)

For the summer I will be reviewing on how to survive the possible .In this episode,I review the types of and how to spot them and ki…
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Amusement parks have a natural economic incentive to provide a safe environment for their paying customers, but there’s only so much they can do; much of your personal still rests on you, and it is ultimately your responsibility.

I recently took a Disney vacation in Orlando with my family and several others. Think what you will about Disney’s politics and its stance on social issues, but their security is outstanding. They are experts at providing crowd control and EMS in a way that maximizes both security and a pleasant experience for everyone.

When a Disney guest collapsed from some ailment, EMS and private security showed up in a cart with no sirens, no flashing lights, and no yellow crime scene tape. There were four of them, but it was all very unobtrusive, unexciting, if you will. There was no commotion. I stayed to observe until they left, and I can say that most guests who walked by were completely unaware that anything bad was happening — their whole Disney fantasy bubble remained intact.

Two EMS staff attended the sick guest. I couldn’t hear what they were saying, but it looked calm, competent, and efficient. The cart was parked in front of them, and two security staff stood at the corners facing out to the crowds. Passersby just naturally had to swing out and away from the emergency event. They observed, but din’t make contact with passersby. They did glance at me a couple of times because I was watching — from a respectful distance, of course.


Good Tips on being safe when going out to have fun at Amusement Parks


The Walking Dead Chop Shop | Zombie Car Configurator | Hyundai

The infection continues to spread. Walkers are everywhere. Inside, we’ve gathered 3 vehicles and over 900 parts. Use them to build your survival machine. Choose wisely. And move fast. Your survival depends on it.

The undead apocalypse is upon us. Design your ultimate zombie survival machine using 3 cars and over 900 parts. Choose wisely. And move fast. Your survival depends on it.



Very cool survival game